Auditor Information

Across 4 days of auditions, registered auditors will see hundreds of actors, ranging from musical singers and equity/EMC actors to non-union actors and youth performers. Plus an auditor luncheon, tech resume packet, and more to be announced!

Important Info

  • February 27 – March 3
  • Center Theatre in the Seattle Center Armory
  • four days of auditions, Monday-Friday (No Wednesday) approximately 10 am to 5 pm; 
  • Packets containing actors’ headshots and resumes (organized by day), available online and in print
  • Online personnel packets including designers, directors, and stage managers
  • Snacks and coffee available every day
  • Catered meal auditor luncheon on a Thursday, March 2

Registration Cost

Rates vary based on organization size and TPS Membership status.

Type of OrganizationTPS Member RateNonmember
Independent Director
(No org affiliation)
Small Theatre
(Annual Budget under $250k)
Medium Theatre
(Annual Budget $250-500k)
Large Theatre
(Annual Budget over $500k)
Other organization
(Agency, Film, etc.)
Student Observer
(No access to headshots and resumes)
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