Actor Monologues

Looking for a monologue for the 2023 Unified General Auditions? Local playwrights have provided these free monologues for anyone to use! Please note these monologues may need to be modified and cut to meet your maximum 2-3 minute audition time.

Are you a local playwright with 30-90 second monologues you’d like to contribute? Please email with PDF versions of each monologue and we will add it to this page.

John Allman

Suzanne Bailie

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Characacter: Gender Neutral, any age over 25

Time and location: Here and Now


Character:  Male age fifty and up, no name

Time and location: Here and Now

Andy Buffelen

Mega Her Rangers GO GO GO Supreme!!!

Pamela Carter

Brian Dang

City: Seattle, WA



John C. Davenport

Allison Fradkin

Holy Inappropriate

Charcter: Mary Jo

Specifics: female-identifying, open age, open ethnicity; modestly attired and the epitome of bonhomie; addressing a crowd of conservative Christian young ladies at the first annual Pure and Simple Conference

Dustin Hageland

Stephanie Hunt

Audra Lord

Steve Lyons

J.W. Marshall & Christine Deavel

Elena Naskova

Darby Sherwood

Two Heads of a Hydra

Scott Stolnack

Nelle Tankus

Matthew Weaver