2024 UGA Roll Up

On this page you will find information and statistics for the 2024 Unified General Auditions. Questions? Please email tps@tpsonline.org.

Fast Numbers!

346 Performers Auditioned

More than 80 Individual Auditors in Attendance

More than 30 Playwrights applied for our Playwright Pitches

More than 45 Technicians Connected with Organizations

More than 20 Recruiting Organizations Connected with Technicians/Designers

Monologue Library

If you submitted a monologue to the 2024 Monologue Library and are curious how many times your monologue was viewed, you can find that information here.

Curious if your monologue was used in an audition at the 2024 UGAs.

Take a look at the audition materials below.

Audition Materials

Curious to see how many times other auditioners used your song or monologue?

Take a look at the spreadsheet here. Be sure to select the correct tab from the bottom of the sheet.

2025 UGAs

Help Theatre Puget Sound ensure a remount of this fantastic event next year.

As a reminder – Like many arts organizations, TPS is struggling to keep our doors open. If you value these community level events and wish to help support the future of TPS and bring the Tech & Design Job Fair back again next year, you can make a donation of any size here. More information about the current state of TPS can be found here.

Information about the 2025 Unified General Auditions will be announced near the end of this year. Keep an eye on our Social Media and Newsletter.